Hotel Manager Job Responsibilities

Hotel Manager Job Responsibilities

Hotel Manager Responsibilities

The Hotel Manager is responsible for the complete day to day management of the hotel, including the planning, organizing and over viewing the strategic ideas for the hotel.

Their responsibilities also include managing, maintaining and monitoring the hotel. It includes right from the front-of- house operations and services, then guest services, accounting and marketing and planning ahead to maximize the profits.

Hotel Manager Job Responsibilities


  • Planning and managing the catering, accommodation and other hotel services.
  • Preparing the budgets and financial planning for the hotel.
  • Setting up a target and achieving sales and profits.
  • Planning for the work schedules of an individuals and teams.
  • Observing and monitoring the worker’s performance to make sure that the company rules and regulations are being followed.
  • Cooperating with other department mangers for coordinating the activities such as wedding, any special events and conferences.
  • Coordinating with the duties of the front- office and resolving problems.
  • Greeting and meeting with the customers.
  • Supervising the maintenance, renovations and furnishings of the hotel.
  • Ensuring about the safety and the security and meeting with other statutory regulations.
  • Scheduling the work activities, duties and hours of the staff.
  • Handling the customer grievances and complaints.
  • They are responsible for day to day hotel management and hold accountability for directing, organizing and planning all hotel-services.

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