Hotel Front Office Manager

Hotel Front Office Manager

In the service industry it is very important to form a lasting impression on your customers, so that return to and recommend your services. Though in this age technology has advanced greatly, and often all reservations and proceedings are done electronically, the role of the Hotel Front Office Manager is still a crucial one.

Ideally, the only necessary qualification required here is a strong personality and amicable behaviour. However, a degree in hospitality and general management, a keen sense of observation and judgement and previous experience will take a person places. Below given are some of the major Hotel Front Office manager job responsibilities.

Hotel Front Office Manager Job Responsibilities

  • A Manager is not a receptionist in most cases. However in case he has to fill in for a receptionist he must be able to- welcome guests (check records to know whether he is a returning guest with special requirements), allocate rooms (coordinate with Rooms Division Manager), manage customer accounts (by keeping track of what has been ordered and what services availed), and encourage the customers to avail maximum services to increase sales figures
  • As a manager however, he must be monitoring/supervising the manner in which guests are welcomed (that is, whether they are being offered housekeeping and butler services, have been asked to sit which accounts are being organized etc.).
  • Must organize regular training (and motivation sessions) to employees so that they are updated on the trends in the hospitality industry (including night auditor, concierge etc.)
  • Assist the HR team by submitting clear requests for recruitment
  • Ensure that at no stage, standards falters or customers are displeased
  • Manage all billing related issues
  • Troubleshooting and handing difficult customers
  • Maintaining staff attendances and scheduling rota of their shifts
  • Coordinating with other departments to manage smooth functioning (especially with the Sales team, updating them on customer references.)

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