Hospital Administration Job Responsibilities

Hospital Administration Job Responsibilities

A hospital administration professional is responsible for ensuring smooth operations of day to day tasks in a hospital. The administrators work as managers in the hospital. They are required to work for efficient management of employees, patients and other stakeholders. Hospital administration personnel supervise the entire functioning of the hospital and ensure coordination & team work between employees of different departments.

Hospital Administration Job Responsibilities:

  • A hospital administration executive’s job responsibility is to ensure smooth functioning of day to day operations in all the departments of the hospital.
  • They are also responsible for business development, human resource management, hiring new staff and arranging training and development for existing staff.
  • Hospital administration personnel are also responsible for maintaining hospital expenditures and budget. They work on developing policies to enhance profitability of the hospital.
  • These candidates are also responsible for supervising the billing department, clerical staff, housekeeping and healthcare staff.
  • They also arrange time to time appraisal for employees and performance assessment process in order to ensure that the employees are working well.
  • They are also responsible for arranging inter communications and inter department meetings, communications between management and hospital staff, and also attend patient’s complaints & issues.
  • Hospital administration works for ensuring good customer service and entertain the customer disputes, employees issues etc.
  • These candidates are also responsible for inventory management, purchase of new material and machineries, repair and disposal of old machineries and equipment.
  • Hospital administration professionals also design internship and orientation programs for new interns and employees.

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