Horse Trainer Job Responsibilities

Horse Trainer Job Responsibilities

Horse trainer is a person who grooms and trains a horse by controlling its behavior so that it is safe to be ridden by other people. A horse trainer may also prepare a horse for races or horse shows. Further there are no specific qualifications required to be a horse trainer but certain criteria is to be fulfilled in order to become a horse trainer.

Someone working in stables for a long period of time and is good in riding a horse and controlling it are likely to apply for the post of horse trainer. Horse trainer job responsibilities are listed below.

Horse Trainer Job Responsibilities:

  • A horse trainer grooms a horse and takes care of it.
  • A horse trainer is required to observe the behavior of a horse so that he can list the appropriate methods to train it.
  • A horse trainer uses various techniques to tame a horse; he may need to be gentle sometimes or harsh depending on the nature of the horse.
  • A horse trainer is also responsible for providing appropriate food favorable for the health of the horse.
  • A horse trainer introduces the horse to the other people who desire to ride the horse and also instruct them about the proper and safest way of riding that horse.
  • A horse trainer needs to work with the speed of the horse so as to make it ready for racing in a race course.
  • A horse trainer may also be called upon to work with those horses that are abused or in trauma. In those cases they require different techniques to stabilize the mental condition of that horse.
  • Horse trainer use their voices while training a horse, they may talk to it in a gentle tone in order to get some response from it or may even use physical contact to handle it.

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