Home Care Nurse Job Responsibilities

Home Care Nurse Job Responsibilities

A home care nurse provides medical and personal care to those who are ill and cannot leave home and need supervision of someone who is medically trained. These people are usually the senior citizens who have contracted some disease that renders them terminally ill. There may be other cases as well when young people also need the care of a home care nurse.

These nurses are responsible for administering medicines, bathing, cleaning and dressing the patients that they are attending to. The nurses need to be qualified in nursing degrees and must be registered in nursing associations. Below given is the list of major home care nurse job responsibilities:

Home Care Nurse Job Responsibilities:

  • Taking care of the personal grooming, bathing and hygiene of the patient.
  • Assisting with the patient’s mobility in case he/she has difficulty in moving from one place to another within the house.
  • Making sure that the patient visits the doctor regularly and administering the medical records for future assistance.
  • Giving the right dose of medicines to the patients without fail.
  • Cooking meals that the patients are supposed to have. In most cases the patients are prescribed specific types of food that can be easily digested. The nurses must also feed the patients and especially when they are unable to have the food themselves.
  • Making sure that the patients do not contract any outside infections.
  • The nurses also need to keep an eye on the patients and ensure that they do not go to any place alone, do not fall and injure themselves and also treat any cuts and bruises that happen accidentally.
  • Keeping a record of the weight or the weight loss of the patients and alert the doctor in case there is an alarming increase or decrease in weight.
  • Monitoring the urine and stool of the patient and check that they do not pass any blood through the same.

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