Graduate Trainee Job Responsibilities

Graduate Trainee Job Responsibilities

A graduate trainee is the person who is a graduate and is being trained regarding management and development program conducted in the company and has to work side by side under the supervision of the senior employees. A graduate trainee is trained about all the aspects of business management and the time period for this training may vary from employer to employer, some companies may give training for one year and others may give for two years.

A person who is a graduate trainee must have a graduation degree related to that stream of work such as a person working in a business organization must have a degree in business management. Various job responsibilities that a graduate trainee needs to perform are listed as follows.

Graduate Trainee Job Responsibilities:

  • A graduate trainee is required to attend all their training classes which give them basic information about various sectors of the company such as management, finance, banking etc.
  • A graduate trainee may work under the supervision of senior employers and may be asked to do research work for the company. They may be asked to document the trend of the budget of the company and other such related work.
  • A graduate trainee may sometimes be required to visit different working fields in order to get on hand working experience.
  • A graduate trainee may be required to make presentations which a training session demands on the basis of which he or she may be evaluated.
  • A graduate trainee has to pass the entire test in order to work for that company and needs to show his or her competence for working.
  • A graduate trainee may be asked to keep records for the company and may be required to come up with new ideas for the improvement in the basic conditions of the company.

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