Government Teacher Job Responsibilities

Government Teacher Job Responsibilities

Government Teacher Responsibilities

Teaching is one of the noblest of all professions. Government teachers teach in government schools. The main role of teachers is to provide knowledge about various subjects to students.

They also show the right path for students in their life. Their main responsibility is to develop the students personally and professionally so that they become good individuals to the society.

Government Teacher Job Responsibilities

–          Take lessons and give knowledge to students.


–          Take class tests to ensure that students understand and learn what they teach.


–          Teachers must not be partial to any students. They must give equal importance to each and every student.


–          They must give the students the opportunity to ask doubts after every lesson is taught.


–          They must not provide incorrect knowledge to students.  If they are not sure about any topic they have to do research about it and then give the correct information to students.

–          They must give special attention to students who are weak and provide them extra classes.

–          They must be in touch with the parents of all students and must inform them about the candidate’s performances in classes.

–          In addition to giving knowledge about the subjects they must develop the student’s personality and must teach them to obey parents and elders.

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