Gardner Job Responsibilities

Gardner Job Responsibilities

Gardner Responsibilities

This job varies from maintaining the grounds to landscape. You don’t need a specific qualification to get this job; any person who considers gardening as their hobby can get into it. People who have done their course in lawn maintenance or garden maintenance can make it easier to get the job.

A Gardner takes care of the gardens or lawns in a public or private setting (zoos, botanical gardens, museums or offices).

Gardner Job Responsibilities

–          He is mainly responsible to keep the Garden clean and beautiful.

–          His responsibilities change with the season and so does his tasks.

–          He will have to do jobs like clearing out the weeds, watering the plans, trimming the unwanted branches and transplanting.

–          Good knowledge of the best fertilizers available and the right usage of it.

–          Selecting the right seeds for plants and flowers. Knowing what the right season is to plant them.

–          Regularly check for the fertility of the soil he is working on. If it is not right he needs to know the techniques to increase the fertility of the soil.

–          He might have to lay down wood chips, mulch, moss and several other moisturizers based on the plant being grown.

–          He will also be required to do jobs like painting the fence, water the garden or lawns, empty trash container, refinish furniture used in the garden and remove the dead leaves.

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