Forensic Science Technician Job Responsibilities

Forensic Science Technician Job Responsibilities

A forensic science technician performs the basic job of crime investigation by collecting physical evidences related to the crime and analyzing them after proper identification and classification as authentic records of proof.

Thus the job demands excellent IQ level, observation as well as analytical skills, ability to link materials identified as proof to the crime scene and related occurrences, communication skills and ability to work in a group, and such other qualities that are required at the spot of crime and also during the process of investigation. Forensic science technicians must be highly qualified in the required subjects and be well-trained to identify biological as well as non-biological proofs.

Forensic Science Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A forensic science technician is responsible for proper analysis of criminal records and evidences collected as part of the investigation process.
  • A forensic science technician is responsible for drafting conclusions taken on the basis of forensic science studies done on the collected evidences.
  • A forensic science technician is often required to attend court cases and testify for the same and is hence responsible for providing correct and relevant details at the court regarding the crime and related issues.
  • A forensic science technician’s job makes him responsible for properly studying various physical evidences and chemical samples such as blood samples, DNA records, strands of hair, nail, fingerprints, body fluids, etc. and preparing correct reports based on such records.
  • It is an important job responsibility of a forensic science technician to identify the various tools used during the execution of crime and prepare documents recording their nature, quantity, degree of usage, effect on the crime, and such other related aspects.
  • A forensic science technician’s job responsibility includes identification and study of the agents of crime which may include human beings as well as substances such as poison, drugs, etc.

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