Film Production Assistant Job Responsibilities

Film Production Assistant Job Responsibilities

Film production assistants are required to follow the instructions of producer, director and other staff at the film set. This is an entry level position and may require carrying out a number of tasks such as assisting the cameraman, make up artists, shuttle crew, etc. One does not require a specific degree in order to get into this position.

Film production assistant job responsibilities

  • Film production assistant assists the film unit in various tasks.
  • Film production assistant helps in handling the editorial material.
  • Film production assistant may be involved in preparing the copies of the script.
  • Film production assistant may assist the shuttling crew in planning the pick ups and drops of the film staff.
  • Film production assistant may assist in arranging the equipments around the film set and even checking the need for more equipments or devices for the set.
  • Film production assistant may act as a helping hand to the cameraman; they may provide assistance in setting the camera position and arranging other things to take the best possible coverage as per the requirement.
  • Film production assistant may have to coordinate with other film crew members to carry out different tasks.
  • Film production assistants are required to do more of routine duties following the instructions of others and are not involved in any creative work.
  • Film production assistants may have to call up film artists to convey messages about their work schedules or provide any other information.
  • Film production assistants are also expected to ensure that the shooting sites are kept clean and tidy.

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