Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

A farm manager is the person who is responsible for managing the activities in the entire farm and ensuring that all the jobs are completed efficiently within the stipulated deadlines. A farm manager manages the activities related with all aspects of planting crops and raising animals. He performs supervisory functions and is required to make sure that all the farm workers are performing their job responsibilities properly.

Farm Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • A farm manager is responsible for supervising the work assigned to farm workers like irrigation, planting, fertilization, animal care etc.


  • These professionals are also responsible for controlling the expenditures and managing the budget of the farm, to achieve profitability.
  • Farm managers are also responsible for assigning farm related tasks to workers and managing coordination between them, to ensure proper functioning of all the tasks in the farm.
  • These candidates are required to maintain of farm’s inventory and equipment used for farming.
  • The farm manager’s job responsibilities also include appointing new workers whenever required, and training the workers to achieve desired performance level.
  • A farm manager is also responsible for the maintenance of the quality of farm products.
  • Their job responsibility also includes designing, planning and executing risk management and disaster recovery plans.
  • Farm managers are required to maintain necessary records, reports and ensure that they are following all the government rules and regulations related with all the aspects of farms.
  • These candidates are also required to ensure that all the animals in the farm are in best of their health and must follow regular health checkup and treatment plans for animals. 

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