EKG Technician Job Responsibilities

EKG Technician Job Responsibilities

EKG Technician Responsibilities


The main role of the EKG technician is to perform and conduct the electrocardiogram machines at the health care centers and clinics. The EKG Technician has to attach the electrodes of the EKG device to the patient, run the device.

The EKG Technician creates a printout of the readings for the doctor to conduct the required analysis by disinfecting and maintaining equipments.


EKG Technician Job Responsibilities


–          Set the room for taking the EKG readings.

–          Review and understand the medical history of the patient.

–          Set the EKG machines and explain the EKG procedures clearly to the patient.

–                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Interact with the patients and ease their minds as it is crucial for the tests.

–          Connect the electrodes to the body of the patient and operate the electrocardiogram equipment.

–          Place in and remove the catheters.

–          Identify any abnormalities or urgency, in case if any are present.

–          Work under the supervision of the Physician.

–          Administer the test and record the readings from the display of the equipment.

–          Take the hard copy of the readings.

–          Perform the clerical duties in relation to the EKG.

–          Perform EKG stress checks analysis.

–          Disinfect and maintain the equipments.

–          Perform treadmill tests.

–          Clean and sanitize the room after the process.

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