Disaster Recovery Manager Job Responsibilities

Disaster Recovery Manager Job Responsibilities

Disaster Recovery Manager Responsibilities

A disaster recovery manager holds a key position in many of the organisations, and the main job responsibilities of a disaster recovery manager includes looking after the security of the company’s database. It also includes implementing and monitoring various policies and procedures, which are required for the integrity of the system. A disaster recovery manager ensures the safety and security of the data.

Disaster Recovery Manager Job Responsibilities


–  Implementing and monitoring policies and procedures ensuring the overall integrity of the system.

–  Ability for coping with disaster.

–  Maintains various contingency plans in case of emergencies, so that the information is not destroyed and can be easily retrieved.

–  Ability to make decisions about the various problems.

–  Responsible for creating the Disaster Recovery Plan.

–  Managing and updating the information in order to avoid any discrepancies.

–  Managing the entire process of the disaster recovery process.

–  Involves in planning and integrating the disaster recovery functions of IT.

–  Involves the execution of the recovery planning and process.

–  Providing the highest level of protection and safety to the enterprise.

–  Coordinating with the security functions of the enterprise.

–  Responsible for managing the continued operation of the business’ infrastructure.

–  Responsible for providing the highest level of recovery planning for the enterprise.

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