Dietetic Technician Job Responsibilities

Dietetic Technician Job Responsibilities

A dietetic technician is generally employed at hospitals and nursing centers, clinics, or other health-care organizations to plan the perfect diet that would provide proper nutrition and also help prevent diseases and eliminate the existing ones.

Such a technician needs to have a Bachelor’s degree and also possess authentic licensure from registered authorities, the most common of all degrees being the approved 2-year associate degree program of Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education [CADE] according to the American Dietetic Association [ADA].

Dietetic Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A dietetic technician needs to know his/her subjects well and have a thorough practice of the actual job since he/she is responsible for planning the final diet intake of patients.
  • A dietetic technician is responsible for observing the specific patient or individual closely so as to have a complete record of clinical facts and figures that would help plan a suitable diet.
  • A dietetic technician is also responsible for educating patients regarding the diet being prescribed to them and its underlying purpose(s). It is important for the particular individual to know not only the contents of diet but also the reason they have been included for, which would help them enjoy the diet and the process of being healthy would follow automatically, and hence the technician needs to instill the required knowledge in them.
  • A dietetic technician needs to report to doctors and/or supervisors regarding the diet being suggested and the causes for the same. Hence he/she must prepare the document accordingly, with the necessary details, and present them in a proper manner.
  • A dietetic technician is responsible for spreading awareness among all levels of the society regarding the practice of following a healthy diet for people of all age groups and with any type of body structure or needs.
  • A dietetic technician is also responsible for explaining the various restrictions in diet to patients suffering from certain diseases or illness and also prescribe exercises or other methods of treatment, if need be.

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