Designer Job Responsibilities

Designer Job Responsibilities

Designer Responsibilities

A Designer normally produces design solutions for their clients and their work involves a high visual impact on the audience. A designer are required for creating and developing designs for many fields, including the various websites, advertising, books, dress materials, computer games, house designing, corporate communications and designing for various exhibitions and posters.

They develop creative ideas and concepts based on the appropriate requirement.

Designer Job Responsibilities


Meeting the clients or account managers in order to discuss about the business objectives and requirements of the job.

–  Interpreting the client’s business needs and developing a concept in order to suit their needs.

–  Estimating and accumulating the time required for completing the assigned work and deliver it at the right time.

–  Developing a design briefs by gathering various information and   data through Research.

–  Producing and creating new ideas and concepts for designing.

–  Using innovative ideas for redefining the design and maintaining the various constraints related to cost and time.

–  Presenting the finalized ideas and concepts to the clients and account managers.

–   Creating individual ideas and concepts for producing an accurate and high quality work.

–  Selecting materials and production techniques to be used for various products.

–  Drawing patterns for the articles that have been designed and then cut into various patterns, using the measuring instruments and scissors.


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