Dental Technician Job Responsibilities

Dental Technician Job Responsibilities

Dental Technician Responsibilities

The responsibility of a dental technician is to assist the dental professionals. The main role of the dental technician is to prepare dental materials and other related medicines under the instructions of the dentist.

The dental technician is also known as dental laboratory technicians. The technicians have to work in the field of orthodontic appliances and partial as well as complete dentures.

Dental Technician Job Responsibilities

–          Assist health care professionals in preventing oral diseases.

–          Expose and process the dental X-ray films.

–          Provide dental first aid in case of emergency.

–          Maintain the records regarding the dental treatment and perform dental administration works.

–          Take measures to prevent oral diseases

–          Construct artificial teeth and permanent prostheses.

–          Construct crowns and bridges and fix dental repairs.

–          Manipulate precious metals like gold, acrylics and dental porcelain to prepare de ntal appliances.

–          Generate metal free restorations.

–          Prepare medication related to dentistry.

–          Construct a model of the mouth of a patient from the impression prepared by the dentist.

–          Observe the patients gums and teeth while preparing the model.

–          Prepare dentures for patients who have missing teeth.

–          Generate a wax model of the patient’s teeth.

–          Adjust the shape, form and color of the tooth or teeth.

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