Cricket Player Job Responsibilities

Cricket Player Job Responsibilities

Cricket Player Responsibilities

Cricket is one of the world’s favorite sports. Cricket is a game of great skill, timing and efficiency. Being a Cricket Player is considered a privilege and is very prestigious. Cricket Players have a lot of responsibilities and owe a lot to society. The main aim of a Cricketer is to see it that the team or country he is playing for wins.

Cricket Player Job Responsibilities

–          The primary objective of a Cricket Player is to make sure that the team they are playing gains victory.

–          Their fitness level must always be at its peak so that they must train to play effectively.

–          Being a “Gentlemen’s game” it is required that they be a gentleman on and off the field.

–          The Cricketer has to train regularly and stay fit so that they are able to function well in areas like fielding, bowling and batting.

–          A Cricketer must always be an overall team player and must uplift the team spirit. They must make sure they are always in the position to lead country or team first and not play cricket for individual laurels.

–          Cricket is often responsible for uniting countries in the true spirit of sportsmanship therefore the cricketer must be a true sportsman on and off the field.

–          Cricketers must be responsible for all round development of a team.

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