College Instructor Job Responsibilities

College Instructor Job Responsibilities

A college instructor is a teacher who imparts education to college students and is employed in a college to teach one or more course or subject.

Any person who is employed as a college instructor must have pursued atleast a bachelor’s degree and should also possess a teaching diploma or degree. There are many tasks which a college instructor has to perform and their major job responsibilities have been given below for your reference.

College instructor job responsibilities

  • A college instructor is responsible for preparing notes for a class and also researching on the topics to be taught.
  • It is the job responsibility of a college instructor to deliver lectures, solve doubts and take tutorial sessions for the college students.
  • A college instructor is also responsible for take part in staff meetings and giving his/her viewpoint about changes in teaching methods.
  • A college instructor is responsible for holding class discussions, giving out assignments, conducting tests and examinations and also grading the students.
  • Any person who is working as a college instructor is also responsible for making test papers, checking test papers, taking attendance and marking students for their class performance and discipline.
  • A college instructor is responsible for helping out students who are weak as compared to the other students by conducting extra study sessions.
  • Maintaining discipline and order in the class is also one of the major job responsibilities of a college instructor.
  • Preparing marksheets and assignment papers is also a part of the work profile of a college instructor.
  • Participating in college festivals, events and seminars is also a responsibility of a person who is employed at the position of a college instructor.
  • To constantly update themselves with latest in their field or area of expertise can also be considered as a job responsibility of all those who are college instructors by profession.

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