Clinical Instructor Job Responsibilities

Clinical Instructor Job Responsibilities

A clinical instructor prepares and executes teaching curriculum for all those who are doing a course in nursing or clinical nursing. A clinical instructor either works in a medical facility or at a medical college and is responsible for giving lectures, preparing lesson plans, conducting examinations and grading the students for their performance.

To become a clinical instructor, one must first fulfill the necessary educational requirements and work experience requirements as to perform the duties related to this job, practical knowledge and experience is vital. The following is a list of the main job responsibilities of a clinical instructor.

Clinical instructor job responsibilities

  • A clinical instructor is responsible for providing instructions to students and these instructions or lessons must be based on the syllabus or guidelines of the course.
  • It is the job responsibility of a clinical instructor to use books, whiteboard etc. to impart theoretical knowledge and also teach laboratory stimulations and on site experiments as well.
  • One of the major job responsibilities of a clinical instructor is to connect the classroom education with practical implementation and make sure that each student is following the knowledge imparted.
  • Another job responsibility of a clinical instructor is to conduct class evaluation by doing individual student analysis and evaluation to maintain good performance of the class.
  • A clinical instructor is also responsible for conducting tests, assignments and marking students based on their performance.
  • A clinical instructor has to mentor students, solve their doubts and help the ones who are in need of extra effort from the instructor’s side.
  • It is the job responsibility of a clinical instructor to attend staff meetings and take part in discussions regarding the teaching methods and student improvement techniques.
  • Another responsibility which a clinical instructor has to fulfil is to maintain discipline and adhere with guidance policies of the institute.

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