Botanist Job Responsibilities

Botanist Job Responsibilities

Botany is a broad field which may have many subcategories such as plants, marine life etc. A botanist is a skilled individual who has done a major in the subject botany and studies about plant life. Different botanists specialise in the study of different groups of plants or trees.

Based on their area of specialisation, botanists may be called with different names such as agronomists-a botanist who studies agricultural crops etc. Given below are a few of the major job responsibilities which come in the share of a person who is working as a botanist.

Botanist job responsibilities:

  • A botanist’s job responsibilities may include examining the different species of plants and trees.
  • A botanist is also responsible for finding out new species of plants and marking their features and specifications. Based on these specifications, these plant species are categorised in the different plant systems or categories.
  • A botanist may be required to work on the improvement of the health of the plant species so that they can help to develop medicines etc.
  • A botanist is required to work in laboratories for studying the physical make up of the plants.
  • One of the job responsibilities of a botanist is to conduct experiments on plants to find out their characteristics and discover their uses in fields such as medicine, herbology etc.
  • A botanist may be responsible for working in teaching institutions and colleges etc to impart knowledge about botany.
  • It is the job responsibility of a botanist to do scientific experiments and prepare detailed reports which are submitted to higher authorities for analysis.
  • A botanist is also responsible for working at different locations and travelling to different parts of the world to collect samples of plants for further studying and research and analysis of the same.

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