Book Keeper Job Responsibilities

Book Keeper Job Responsibilities

Book keeper Responsibilities

Book keepers, sometimes referred to as the financial backbone of the company; handle all the financial records of the company with utmost accuracy, honesty and confidentiality. They can see the real profits and even the losses of the business. Their job helps to maintain the smooth flow of business transactions.

Book keeper Job Responsibilities

  • Knowledgeable in all financial matters that are necessary to the accounts of the company.
  • Prepare invoices, billings and accounts on cheques.
  • Maintain updated records for future use and for some important investigation matters.
  • File accounting documents for reporting and reconciliation.
  • Document reports.
  • Summarize accounting records.
  • Reconcile accounts.
  • Report on the financial status of the business.
  • Maintain and secure an accurate book of accounts.
  • Present the book of accounts when necessary.
  • Ensure confidentiality in performing assigned tasks.
  • Provide the necessary documents during audits
  • File taxes within the specified period.

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