AV Technician Job Responsibilities

AV Technician Job Responsibilities

AV technicians also known as audio visual technicians are responsible for handling sound and video equipments used while the telecast of live events. They are responsible for monitoring voice quality and sound check at a live show or taking videos and handling other graphic details.

For an AV technician, the requirement of degree varies based on the position of working and the needs of employers, one may ask for a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication and others may require a high school diploma or a GED. List of responsibilities which an AV technician needs to perform are as follows.

AV Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • An AV technician is required to look into the issues related to sound check while telecasting a live event such as sound mixing, voice recording, microphones etc.
  • Further the technician may be required to enhance the video quality by the means of computers or look into the matters of video recording, light management or checking of spotlights.
  • They may also give support for teleconferencing with other people during a show.
  • They may also be required to edit and copy the videos of some show and store the DVDs used in a show.
  • An AV technician needs to be proficient in handling software related work for the purpose of regulating computer used in multimedia production.
  • AV technician may be required to deal with clients at various levels, so he or she must be good at communication skills.
  • Further an AV technician must check that their work is finished before the deadline so as to avoid any future disturbances.
  • An AV technician is also required to assemble and repair equipments used in multimedia production.
  • An AV technician may have to do variety of work such as editions in graphic detailing using the computer or use a camera to shoot a show.

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