Astronaut Job Responsibilities

Astronaut Job Responsibilities

Astronaut Responsibilities

An important and increasingly developing area of science is that of astronomical sciences and research. Astronauts are people who are trained to command, pilot or to be a part of the crew of a space research program.

They are also responsible for travelling in space shuttles and space crafts, conducting extensive research on various subjects like physics, biology, mathematics, geography, etc.

Astronaut Job Responsibilities

–          The training period of an Astronaut is considered to be the most strenuous and intense trainings as Astronauts should be at a higher fitness level always. It is required of them to perform physically strenuous tasks so it is important to stay in shape.

–          Astronauts should have knowledge and training on commanding and piloting a space shuttle.

–          Astronauts should also have engineering abilities to be able to handle issues and problems faced by the shuttle and its components.

–          It is required of the Astronaut to have knowledge of all the subjects being researched by the convoy so that assistance can be provided on matters like recording details.

–          Another function of the Astronaut is to ensure the safety of the space craft and its other crew members at all times.

–          At times it is also required of the Astronaut to perform functions outside the space craft.

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