Armed Security Guard Job Responsibilities

Armed Security Guard Job Responsibilities

Armed Security Guard Responsibilities

An Armed Security guard requires a high degree of responsibility as the guard is required to treat all customers with respect and the main job includes protecting the company or any organisation from theft, vandalism and violence. An Armed Security guard also protects the employer’s investment, enforces law on the property and handles all the criminal activities and various other problems.

Armed Security Guard Job Responsibilities


–  Protecting the people and the property associated with the client.

–  Monitoring the alarm and closed circuit TV cameras.

–  Engaging in mobile patrolling during the duty hours and walking from location to location in order to ensure safety and security.

–  Detaining or arresting the criminal violators and keeping a vigil on the suspects.

–  Answering various service calls related to any criminal activities or problems, and issuing the traffic violation warnings to general public.

–  An armed security guard is also responsible for protecting the money and valuables during any kind of transaction.

–  Protecting the individuals from any theft or injury while making any commercial bank deposits.

–  Providing guard to the Embassies, Missions and various Consulates in foreign countries.

–  Sometimes they even need to provide security to the Chairman or the Presidents and big Heads of the Multi – national corporate companies.


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