Air Traffic Controllers Job Responsibilities

Air Traffic Controllers Job Responsibilities

Air Traffic Controllers Responsibilities

The major responsibility of Air Traffic Controller is to advice or guide pilots with all information or details that are quite necessary for flying plane. He is responsible for advising the height, speed and route to the pilot in order to make the journey successful without any obstacles. The exact route where the plane goes for its destination station is decided by the Air Traffic Controllers.

Air Traffic Controllers JOb Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for the safe journey of the passengers.
  • The responsibility of area controller is to make aircraft flying the airways and they mainly work at control centres.
  • The responsibility of approach controller is to manage all the problems related to in and out of an airport.
  • The responsibility of aerodrome controller is to direct aircraft at the landing and terminal point.
  • They are responsible for controlling a number of aircraft at a time which is appreciable.
  • They are responsible for keeping their contact with the aircraft in order to get of the problems occurring in airplane.
  • He must be having radio or radar for contacting to the aircraft for its current details.
  • He is responsible for directing the correct route or path to the pilot.
  • His responsibility is to plan in such the distance in such a way that minimum distance is maintained between two planes.

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