Aeronautical Engineer Job Responsibilities

Aeronautical Engineer Job Responsibilities

Aeronautical Engineers Responsibilities

Aeronautical engineers are the people behind every flight.  They make it possible for people to travel fast and safe anywhere in the world through the designs and specifications they create in every aircraft and its support system.  They are responsible for better aircraft development and designs as well with its best safety to assure.

Aeronautical Engineers Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all the designs, tests and optimization of every aircraft component.
  • Manage the regular inspection of aircraft maintenance for better and safe operation.
  • Manage and assist in the assembly and modifications of aircraft components.
  • Head the conduct of flight testing to analyze flight performance and capacities.
  • Document aircraft design, its development, testing and maintenance as well.
  • Conduct investigations in the aircraft to determine the reason behind an accident and offer the best resolution thereafter.
  • Provide the necessary guidance as well as functional and technical support to the team, for a better and safe flight.
  • Conduct wig tunnel test to analyze and measure aircraft’s aerodynamic features.

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