Advocate Job responsibilities

Advocate Job responsibilities

Advocate responsibilities

He is responsible for representing the clients in courts in order to make decisions on any important matter or case. An advocate is responsible for judging out the victim of the case in which he is involved with. Sometimes the decisions made by advocate may be wrong and at the same time can be fruitful for the other party, so he is responsible to always take the right decision at the right time.

Advocate Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible to advice solicitors and to guide or direct them with proper guidelines.
  • He is responsible to sort out the public enquiries.
  • The documentations given by him must be in written.
  • An advocate is responsible for dealing out the problems related to an individual in any of the field. The problems can be related to dowry, property, crime, physical harassment, mental harassment and many more.
  • He must be loyal towards his duty and must support the client who is true with the incident being faced by him or her.
  • An advocate must be a knowledgeable person who could handle out the critical conditions being face by the clients.
  • He must not be very quick with his or her decision as it may also result in any wrong decision.

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