7 mistakes to avoid when looking for a job through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most important business networks and companies in the world and that grows exponentially over the days, since it has around 770 million users. However, on some occasions it can be observed that, due to ignorance of the operation of this network, mistakes are made that can affect the personal brand and, therefore, make getting a job an almost impossible challenge to achieve.

7 mistakes to avoid when looking for a job through LinkedIn

Guillermo González Pimiento, professor, consultant and author of the book ‘Position your personal brand and find job opportunities using LinkedIn’, states that “The job search can be frustrating, many times it could even seem that we are in a labyrinth with no way out. In reality, it is a “profession” that requires a lot of effort, perseverance, self-confidence, good attitude, patience and never give uptrying to find something in which you feel really happy.

González, who has advised more than5,000 professionals and companies in 63 countries, seeks to share the idea of taking advantage of the potential of LinkedIn, giving tools, techniques, exercises and errors that must be taken into account when using this network.

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Therefore, here are7 mistakes you may be having when interacting through LinkedIn:

1. Not having a clear objective: “LinkedIn can be a labyrinth with no way out if we do not know how to handle it”. You have to clearly define which path you want to choose; therefore, it is very importantto define the professional objectivesand thus know with certainty what is expected of LinkedIn in the job search.

2. Not knowing your ideal client: “Although it sounds strange to talk about clients, the client is the future boss and not the human resources person who is in charge of the selection process.” For this reason, for the strategy on LinkedIn to be effective and reach the expected results, you must know very well the companies in which the applicant wants to work and thefuture boss in order to speak directly.

3. Having an incomplete LinkedIn profile: Having an incomplete profile only demonstratescarelessness and lack of interest in generating an empathic connectionwith the people who are watching it. An important point is thatLinkedIn gives greater visibility to 100% complete profilesthat have a headline, about, experience and education.

4. Not having a profile picture or one that communicates professionalism: Not having a photo or not having it visible in the public profile, makes the person or company that sees the profile is encouraged to leave or that if an invitation to connect is sent, it is not accepted. Remember thatin just 5 seconds the attention of the ideal customer is captured to the LinkedIn profile. The first thing you look at is the profile picture, so youalways have to have an image that communicates competence, kindness, leadership and professionalism.

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5. Not having the public and personalized URL: LinkedIn’s best ally is Google. There are 2 types of profiles: one private and one public, so the ideal is to point to the public profile so that the search engine indexes it in the best way and so recruiters have more chances of finding an applicant.

6. Not interacting on LinkedIn: Interacting on LinkedIngives the opportunity to increase visibilityin front of contacts and an ideal customer. Therefore, being active daily is something that must be done.

What’s the best way to do it? With four simple actions: networking, responding to all the messages they send you, commenting on the posts of interest adding value and, most importantly, generating winning content.

7. Do not measure: “What is not measured, is not improved!” To obtain results and make the right decisions in the LinkedIn search strategy, you must evaluate the 4 metrics that this platform deliversin its free version: who has seen your profile in the last 90 days? views of publications, appearances in searches and the Social Selling Index.

Taking into account the above, the job search will be a success if mistakes are avoided as much as possible, which are more common than you think.

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