Security Officer Job Responsibilities

Security Officer Job Responsibilities

The security officer is appointed by the organization to ensure the safety and security of the people working in and visiting the organization. The main reason is to have protected working conditions. The security officer helps to maintain discipline in the premises and ensure that no suspicious activity is going on in the building. They are responsible to see and report on anything or person with a doubtful behavior and take a front in case of theft and emergency.

Security Officer Job Responsibilities:

  • Security officers are responsible for assigning patrols for checking fire, sabotage, vandalism, any doubtful activity or persons.
  • They are responsible to investigate and report about hazards, strange or mistrustful conditions to the area police for corrective actions and maintain a regular contact with the area police.
  • It is their duty to ensure that all the gates and windows present in the premises are closed and locked properly and report to the supervisor about any fault found.
  • They are in charge of supervising the activities and traffic in the area and to comply with the standard rules and regulations.
  • ┬áIt is their responsibility to create and maintain a safe and secured working environment for the visitors and employees in the premises.
  • The security officer is responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of the commodities, assets and property of the organization.
  • They are responsible to monitor and operate the CCTV cameras and other recording devices.
  • It is their duty to make arrangements for escorting the people to the desired destination especially when it is concerned with the safety of money, documents or the person.
  • It is the duty of the security officer to respond to the dispatched calls and alarms and take a suitable action within their job limitations.
  • The security officer should conduct surprise checks on the other security personnel to ensure that they are performing their duties properly.
  • It is their duty to make proper arrangements for checking the identification and purpose of the visitors and vehicles entering the building.
  • They should establish contracts with the emergency services like police, ambulance, fire service to quickly get help in case of emergencies.

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