Radiation Therapist Job Responsibilities

Radiation Therapist Job Responsibilities

A Radiation Therapist provides radiation therapy to the patients suffering from cancers. They give this service as per the prescription given by a radiologist as per the set practices and standards. Radiation Therapists must have knowledge of principles and processes for giving radiation therapy. Radiation therapist job responsibilities call for immense gravity and accuracy.

Job Responsibilities of Radiation Therapist

  • The main responsibility of radiation therapist is to provide doctor prescribed bout of radiation to human body parts by utilizing radiation therapy apparatus as per the established practices and standards.
  • They need to position the patients for treatment with precision as per the prescription.
  • Radiation Therapist enters the full data into the computer and put all the controls to operate regulate dosage.
  • Radiation therapists pursue the main principles of radiation security for patient, himself, and others involved in it.
  • He has to maintain full records, data, reports and files including all information of radiation amount, apparatus settings and reactions of the patients.
  • Reviewing the instruction, prescription, diagnosis, patient chart and identification are the core responsibility of Radiation Therapist.
  • Radiation Therapists have to check the equipments to make sure that the process is properly done.
  • They watch and support the suffering patients during the whole treatment and provide detailed description of abnormal reactions to physician. If the physician says then they need to turn off the equipment for adverse reactions.
  • Radiation Therapists needs to look after the side effect like nausea, skin irritation and hair loss to evaluate reaction of the patient towards the treatment.
  • A radiation therapist instructs practices and reassures the patients and their families by answering the queries, if they have any. They offer physical assistance and emphasize on physicians’ guidance regarding the treatment reactions and also the post-treatment care.
  • Radiation Therapists organizes and creates equipments for control, treatment and security devices. 

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